Makayla In The Enchanted Forest

Giantess “Makayla” stumbles across THE FAIRY’s “Enchanted Forest”! She is so excited for in the land of Giantess’s, fairy’s are a delicacy!!! She takes a flashlight and searches in the trees for one and VOILA… She finds one! She is so eager to eat her but she wants to savor every moment, every lick, every taste of this lovely creature. She opens her mouth wide and swallows her whole! And what a feeling Makayla gets throughout her body! She has to find more… She searches again and again finding two more fairies! She swallows their wings, rips off their limbs and even spreads the legs of one and licks her, tasting her sweet fairy juices before she swallows them whole! MMMMM, they taste so good they even make her eyes water! Giantess Makayla then sits back and rubs her belly in pure delight!


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