100 Men

Alexandria & Daisy decide that it’s time to take this “in-boot” thing to the next level… While they were out dancing, they turned 100 men into worms and brought them home. The two girls laugh about how these stupid men would even think they had a chance with either one of them! They each put 50 men(worms) into the boots and then the two girls jump all around totally demolishing these poor worms… The worms try so hard to escape they even break Alexandria’s boot trying to get out. But that just makes her even more mad! She checks inside her boots to find that they MEN/WORMS are cumming, all over the place! But they are not supposed to be “getting off” on this! The two girls get pissed and start really jumping up and down and before long, the worms try to escape Daisy’s boot by slipping out the side!!! So the girls decide when they open up the boots, they will have a contest on who’s feet are the dirtiest!!!! Who do you think wins??? LOL


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