Alex & Angel

Now in my personal opinion…. if ANY two girls would be a perfect pair of crush Goddesses, it would have to be myself (Alexandria) & the angel of death herself, Miss Angel-Rose… Call me bias lol The two of us come home from our workout at the gym, both of us wearing our Nike sneaks, and I tell Angel that we are not done with our workout. You see, I surprise her with some HUGE crawdads that I ordered! We first must “disarm” them so they simply cannot do any damage to what I have in store from them after we “declaw” them… Then I tell Angel that I want some upfront action underneath a glass table so I can see what they actually look like while their insides are exploding as she steps on them with her dirty smelly socks! But I cannot just sit back and watch, so I jump up on the table with her and we, together, dismember some nice big juicy crawdads with only our socks! What a great day with my girl….


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