Alexandria’s Pet

So I decided to do something a little different today. I wanted to eat something that was cooked ALIVE! I want to watch the entire process and then taste the results! No goldfish in this one, it’s just me and this lucky little lobster! So I go and pick out my friend and bring him home. I take him out of the bag to get a nice good juicy look at him before I begin my process. I start by unclipping his rubber bands on his claws, gotta make it interesting! Then I remove all his little legs that are basically “unnecessary”… I set my over for 400 degrees and bring him over to the stove to show him where he will be cooked alive! But first, I got a couple more things I need to do to prepare for my meal. I pluck out only one of his eyes because I would like for him to see what is going on. Then I take a torch and I give him a little taste of what it is going to feel like being cooked alive. I make his shell all nice and red before I stick our friend into the oven where you can actually see the heat getting to him. Once he is all cocked and have taken his last bit of breath, I pull him out and I eat my precious pet!


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