Alexandria’s Point of View

So I was filming both Crush Goddess Chastity & new Crush Goddess Julie the other day when I realized they both had the same size feet – SIZE 10!!! So I decided I was going to shoot a clip from my point of view… I have the best job in the world, having hot girls come to my house and crush things right in front of me so why not let you see what I get to see! I get to tell the girls exactly what I want them to do, they do it and I get the best seat in the house! So for this clip, you hear me from behind the camera directing their every move… I first tell them to compare their big size 10’s. Then I hand them a bunch of crawdads and I tell them to crush them with their bare feet! All of my Crush Goddesses love to crush live critters with shoes on, but some are very apprehensive when I tell them to do it bare foot! But these two, went right at it with their beautiful size 10’s!!!


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