Alexandria’s Stripper Ad

Alexandria STAR puts a “stripper ad” in the local newspaper and AVERY responds to it. I have her come over so I can “check her out”. I tell her that she is very cute. She’s blond, tall and very thin… Then I tell her she has too much clothes on and to please remove them. The stupid blond does what she is told. Then I tell her that she looks good but I need to see her moves. So she stands over me and gives me a little lap dance. I ask her if she is ok with being “nibbled on”. She responds positively. I tell her that in my club the girls are allowed to be “eaten”. She is questionable about that one but tells me “if we are talking about the same thing, I’m ok with that too”… I ask her if she would like for me to show her what I mean about being nibbled on and eaten and she eagerly says yes. I lay her down and nibble on parts of her body. Then I get between her legs and ask her if she is ready to be “eaten”! The horny little blond was ready but not in the way I was about to eat her! I open my mouth wide and swallow her whole. I lay down, unbutton my pants and enjoy my delicious meal!


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