All Of Dawn

Alexandria’s newest STAR “Dawn” is back and HOLY SHIT you don’t want to miss this one! So many of you enjoyed just seeing her mouth! Well wait till you see this! You get EVERYTHING from this fiery hot redhead… Not only do you get to see deep inside her deep dark hole, but she gives you verbal hell! She could be our next Vore Queen! She dominates these fish by showing them where they will be going, she teases them by giving them a description of what is going to happen to them. She makes them go head 1st so they can see exactly where they are going. She even sits back and just enjoys the digestion feeling, and you actually get to hear the digestion taking place!!! She swallows them with no water and then gulps some water to force them down to their end destination! Dawn certainly gives you EXACTLY what a Vore Queen should!


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