Allara’s Catfish Damage

There is one thing that you cannot do to a Crush Goddess…. you cannot leave something alive in the room with them!!! Something just takes over and she will crush it! That is exactly what happens here with Allara…. She hears something moving around in a bucket when she walks over to it and sees that it is a nice big alive catfish moving all around! She dumps the catfish onto the floor and tries to control it with her big size 10 sneakers. She feels how slippery he is but she is determined to take care of this bad boy and that is exactly what she does…. She takes care of him by standing on him with one foot, then with two feet, she spins on top of him until his innards become his outards! Then she sits down, takes her sneakers off and admires the damage her size 10’s did on this catfish…


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