Ashton Photo Shoot

You have invited Alexandria’s STAR “Ashton” over to your house for a personal goldfish swallowing photo shoot. Ashton has never gone to a complete strangers house before but she is excited you invited her over. You start by telling her the 1st pose – UP CLOSE & OPEN MOUTH with the goldfish so you can take some close up pictures… The 2nd pose is a complete BODY TOUR with the goldfish. Ashton puts the goldfish all over her body while you take some really HOT pictures. You tell her to put her hair down and then she swallows the fish. The 3rd pose is to tease the fish with her ASS. Ashton puts the fish all over her ass so you can take some really awesome ASS shots before she swallows that fish. The 4th pose is to tease the fish with her feet. You love her size 7 1/2 feet and her long toes and can’t wait to get some nice pics of the goldfish on her feet before she swallows it. The final pose you tell her you want is to put the goldfish between her teeth and keep it there while you take the final photos… WOW!!! You got some great shots! You are so glad that you made this decision to have Ashton over. But Ashton isn’t done! She is sooooo turned on, that she’d like to take you into the other room for some “other positions”!!! WIN/WIN FOR YOU…. 😉



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