Alexandria’s STAR “Joani” has put an ad up on craig’s list for volunteers for a sexy night of “VORE”… Joanie received 7 respondents and invited them over to her place. You and 6 others walk into her bedroom assuming you were all going to “get in on” with a sexy girl… Joani asks you if you are ready for some “VORE” and one of you gives her a “I’m confused” look. Joani says “O you don’t know what vore is? Come here and let me show you”!!! You all walk into the bathroom behind her, she closes the door and the next thing you know, you are swimming around in a bowl ! OMG – What has happened??? Joani laughs at all of you who are now fish… She thinks its funny how stupid you guys are that you would go over to a complete strangers house and assume you would be receiving any type of sexual satisfaction! You deserve what is about to happen to you… You watch as Joani’s big fingers come crashing into the bowl and she plucks out your buddies one by one and they never come back into the bowl!!!


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