Bad Sisters

Alexandria’s STARS got TWO brand new fishy swallowers and they are real life sisters! Lexi is a very nice girl while Des is… well let’s just say “the naughy” one! The two girls are enjoying their day alone while their mom is gone for the day. Des is trying to get Lexi to go out but Lexi wants to play a game of “truth or dare”! They start by asking each other some VERY personal questions about their sex life! Then they move on to “THE DARES”… Lexi dares her sister to swallow their moms goldfish!!! And Des is always up for a challenge! Lexi can’t believe that her sister is actually going to do it! Des swallows her very first fish and they two girls listen to it in her belly and talk about how the fish is moving around. Now it’s Lexi’s turn to swallow one…. They wonder if it’s going to come out their other end! The two girls keep asking each other personal sexual questions while they also continue to eat the fish!!! Lexi even dares Des to swallow two at a time! Des is a champ and swallows all her fish without any water while Lexi on the other hand needs a little sip of water to get hers down. Once the fish are gone, the two decide they are going to tell their mom that “the cat” ate her fish, until they realize THEY DON’T HAVE A CAT!


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