Best Birthday Ever

It was Alexandria’s STAR “Lexi’s” birthday and she had just come back from a long trip. And it seems as though everyone has forgotten her birthday… She puts her bags down and notices a nice hot juicy whole chicken sitting there with a glass of soda. She decides that it must be for her so she eats the entire bird, actually licking the bones clean. After such a long day and now having a full belly she decides to take a bath… She strips down to her bikini and gets in the bubble bath tub when she notices a note taped to the door along with a big present!!! The note says “to add these critters to your aquarium, but not your home aquarium, your sexy belly aquarium”!!!!! So Lexi swallows the tube of 20 fish and then rubs her belly as she lays in her hot bath. Then Alexandria comes homes and the birthday girl walks into her room in a towel… Alexandria asks if she enjoyed her gifts? She then takes Lexi to the mirror and rubs her nice chubby full belly! Alexandria then lays Lexi down, removes her towel and gives her a belly rub along with the licks and kisses telling her how incredibly sexy it is knowing that she has a whole bird and 20 live fish inside her belly!!!


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