Blonde VS Brunette

Seems as though all of my “brunette” models are having a bit of an issue with my sexy young “blonde” Diamond!!! This time, Daniella challenges Diamond to a little contest… Who can swallow the most fish. But what the girls don’t know is that I decided to up the anti a little by giving them bigger fish!!! They sit facing each other in the yoga style position and then proceed to each swallow the fish with their mouths wide open with no water!!! They bicker back & forth with each other saying things like “I’ve been here longer” or “blondes are better than brunettes”… Until finally after each one swallows a few fish, they actually get into an argument and start wedgie’ing each other!!! Watch as these two 20 year olds throw each others 100lb bodies all around the floor. Until “someone” steps up and proves to be the winner!!!



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