Boot Smoothies

Today is one of those hot nasty days and Crush Goddess Kylie wants to see how her little insoles are doing soaking up all her sweat from her feet! She kept a few worms inside her boots just for the sensation of knowing that they are in there getting squished throughout the day. Kylie has been waiting months since her last in-shoe crush and the last time, she only got to squish 36 worms. But today, Kylie is going to squish 150 worms inside her boots. She going to place the worms inside her boots and then jump around creating boot smoothies with all the worm goo and guts! But Kylie wants to see what is actually going on inside her boots, so she puts on a transparent pair of boots! Once Kylie has them tied up, she stands up and tries to jump around to destroy them. But these worms all try to escape, you see they are not trapped inside like they were in her first pair. But this doesn’t stop Kylie from accomplishing her goal. Kylie just continues to jump landing on the ones that escaped! It’s a total worm demolishing session!


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