Border Patrol

Alexandria’s Star “Makayla” tells Stefania that she has a serious money-making scheme! She explains to her that all they have to do is get these criminals across the border and they get paid big bucks! The criminals have been turned into goldfish and all they have to do is swallow a pill that will stop their digestion process. Then they swallow each criminal. Once they cross the border, they will then regurgitate the victims and get paid! Stefania is not really sure about this whole scheme, but she’ll go along with it. They start swallowing the fish and then listening to each other stomachs to make sure that each victim arrived safe and sound. But then Makayla gets a call from “the big guy” and he tells her that the plan is off! But the girls have already swallowed some of the men. So he tells her to just go ahead and finish swallowing the rest so there is no evidence to be found but he needs proof that the girls have done their part. So they use their cell phones to capture the last two men going down.


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