Caged & Fattened

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” has purchased you from a slave trade. Being laughed at for buying you at such a ridiculously scrawny weight, she new that if she caged you, fed you enormous amounts of fattening foods, and then sexually rewarded you, that she could fatten you up in no time! She even purchased a cute “georgia peach” girl that she would reward you with sexually when you ate properly! But while watching you fuck this “georgia peach” she realized it was turning her on! Makayla found herself resenting her so she fattened her up, till her fat was nice and thick and then she ate her! You are not happy, you are no longer getting rewarded so you start to refuse to eat! Makayla knows what will make you happy – SEX! So she puts a leash on you, lets you out of your cage, spreads her legs wide and allows you to enter her. But you are so fat that you are actually hurting her so she decides to jump on top! But because you are so wide, her legs start to cramp and she has to get off. Finally she gets on all fours and tells you to lay your big fat belly on top of her ass and do her doggie style! You both orgasm and she is embarrassed for actually enjoying feeling your fat fuck body all over hers! She puts you back in your cage, gives you your plate of food and tells you to eat like a good boy so tomorrow she will either fuck you again or EAT YOUR FAT ASS!


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