Cold To Hot

Crush Goddess “Stefania Mafra” is patiently waiting for me in the studio and it has been rather cold her in F L A lately. So she is freezing! Stefania, is a bit of a diva and feels that everyone should bow down to her…. But that is not happening in “MY HOUSE” so I leave her waiting… She notices my crawdads I have for a shoot and wonders if by crushing them, it might warm her up a bit. So she takes it upon herself to crush my crawdads!!! Then I walk in because I am in the middle of creating another custom with her in which I need her to swallow a goldfish. I can’t believe she has the nerve to just do whatever she feels like doing when she comes over… But, she’s hot, so I told her she can go ahead and finish the job, but I am NOT paying her for it!!!


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