Come Out To Play

New Crush Goddess “Daisy” finds a pile of scurrying ants… She walks up to the pile, bends over, and starts terrorizing them, trying to get them to come out and play… There are some ants around the pile so Daisy decides to play with the ones that she can see.. She takes her big toe and smears the ones that are clearly visible and possibly not afraid… But they certainly become afraid as this giantess chases them with her big toe, telling them “I’m gonna get you”… She then crushes their entire pile and watches as they all come scurrying out… “Come out Come out wherever you are”….The little ants come out to play but little did they know this was going to be their last time coming out of their home!!! Daisy is 23 yrs old, 5 ft 7 in and her beautiful feet are a size 8…


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