Couldn’t Resist II

Michelle and Alexandria come back from buying more fish. I go ahead and grab one for her and put it in her hand but she’s struggling putting it in her mouth. I ask her to change into something relaxing and I take her into the bedroom. I grab one fish and put it on her belly and say to her that she can feel the same sexy tickle from inside her belly. All she needs to do is just swallow it. Slowly I take that fish to her lips and let her taste it. She finally swallows the fish. She gets turned on with the sexy tickles in her belly and demands a fish quickly. I feed her the second one and she goes crazy. When I go to pick the third one up, she stops my hand and asks me to pick a bunch of fishes and quickly put them in her mouth. Now she’s addicted. She swallows all of them within a second and starts hiccuping a lot with a small burp. Watching her hiccupping, I get turned on too. So I pick up a fish and put it between my lips. But Michelle can’t resist herself and sucks the fish from my lips by kissing me, claiming they all belong to her belly only! She asks me to kiss and bite her hiccuping belly while she starts gulping fishes by herself. After gulping more fishes, she goes wild and drinks the whole tank with all the fishes. Satisfied Michelle rubs her stomach. She asks me to press her stomach. Every time I press her stomach, she gets the hiccups. She says the pain and hiccups are the best part!



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