Creative Cricket Massacre

Here is Crush Goddess Angel-Rose and she is a school teacher… But her “pupils” have pushed Angel over the edge. And if you know anything about Crush Goddesses, you certainly DO NOT want to fuck with them! Sorry, back to the story… Angel has taken all of her fuck bag students and has turned them all into crickets and put them all on ice so they can freeze in fear! She starts to pull them out one by one and she watches as their lifeless bodies try to escape… But she crushes them with only the power of her big toe… She then tapes down some more crickets and massacres them… But she wants to keep this massacre creative so next she sits down and squishes each of her students in between her toes, underneath her toes and in between her soles by. And for her grand finale, she takes the rest of the disgusting crickets and places them in the feet of her pantyhose. She puts each leg in one by one completely pulverizing the crickets that are trying to get out the other end. She pulls the pantyhose up and walks around making sure each cricket has taken its last breath. Angel-Rose then sits down and rips her pantyhose off of her watching as the smashed crickets fall to the ground! And just to add some icing on the cake, Angel takes pictures of her students all smashed on the floor and on her feet to place on her blackboard for any other piece of shit student who wants to fuck with her!


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