Crush Fetish

Every time Makayla and I get together, we always seem to bring out the naughtiest of each other. She mentions to be that she heard I’ve been playing around with Giantess stuff and wanted to know more about it. So I decide that I can trust her enough with my little secret. I show her that I found a little man (you) creeping around my house! That I have captured you and you are now under my control. I throw her to you and she is fascinated by your sweet self. I also tell her about your crush fetish! And she wants in on the action! So we bring you into the garage and sit you down amongst 20 crawdads crawling around. They are almost as big as you! Makayla takes her sexy open toed heels and crushes them all around you! Then Alexandria tells her that she has “other” stuff she can crush. So we place you amongst a few snails. They try to escape but Alexandria takes care of any attempts of that happening. You cannot believe this is happening right in front of your eyes. It’s like a dream come true! Makayla even laughs at your itty bitty erection that you can not contain. But then things take a weird turn. You watch as Alexandria & Makayla start planning something. Alexandria then pins you down while Makayla crushes your little limbs. Makayla has never crushed a real person before so she is a bit excited! The two girls then take you, half crushed, into the bedroom where Makayla gives you a final kiss and then places you on the bed. Makayla then crawls onto the bed and right over you and then starts suffocating you with her belly. You cannot breath. This is it for you! And that is what Alexandria gets on top of Makayla and you simply cannot take all the weight and you take your last breath. Alexandria & Makayla then discuss you and your fetish and what they thought about the whole situation.

*** Makayla and I hope you enjoy this clip as much as we enjoyed making it. It’s a bit different then a typical crush clip since it’s putting YOU right in the middle of the clip! ***


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