Crush Goddess Raven

O BOY! If you love watching Crush Goddess Raven and her big sexy size 11’s, then you will love what I got for you here! Towering over 6 ft tall Raven stands over a helpless lobster! She asks you if you want her to crush him for you so that you can cum! She removes his claws first and then checks in on you to make sure she’s doing a good job. Then she presses lightly down on him and he literally cums EVERYWHERE!!! But it’s not your turn just yet! She removes his legs making sure he remains alive for your grand finale. Raven goes up and down his tail impaling him with her sandals. Then she straightens him out, asks you if you are ready and then releases all of her weight ontop of his head while his innards explode all over the place! Leaving just a pile of mush of his remains.


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