Crushing For You

So you have this crush fetish and you haven’t told anyone about it. The only way you ever get to see your fetish LIVE, is by secretly placing victims on the floor and watching your girlfriend Raven step on them. So Raven starts to cook for you and as she is not looking, you place goldfish and crawdads on the floor and you hide and watch her crush them. But then Raven finally turns and looks right at you in your hiding place and tells you that you don’t have to hide this anymore, she knows about your crush fetish! Your heart starts to pound as you don’t know what is coming next. But to your surprise, Raven is TOTALLY into it! She tells you that she will crush for you. She is so amazing. It’s like she is the best girlfriend ever. She stands on a scale so you can see her weight and then she begins crushing everything you place of the floor. You get to watch up close, from the side, from behind – YOU HAVE FINALLY REACHED HEAVEN!


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