Die In These Boots

Well those pesky worms are at it AGAIN!!! Crush Goddess Daisy gets ready to go out and goes to put her boots on and THERE THEY ARE!! INSIDE HER BOOTS AGAIN… Seems this is becoming a theme with these stupid worms. I think they are starting to think that these one pair of boots are their new home or something… But that’s ok, because we love finding friends in our boots, gives us something to do…. like crush the shit out of them all! All 5ft 9in of Daisy stands right up, right on top of their disgusting bodies, turning them into goo in between her toes. She takes her boots off to show us the goo her size 10 feet made with the worms. But then she decides she’s still going to wear the boots out for the night…
such a good girl….


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