Dirty Girl

Well, here is another clip of Crush Goddess “Jada” doing what she does best – BEING A DIRTY GIRL! I just can’t stop her from being her, she’s just so good at it! Jada walks in in her bra and thong and terrorizes a blue claw crab before stepping on his head. Then she gets her hands (well I mean her feet) on a lobster. And this is when things get interesting. She places the lobster on a table and rides him, grinds her little ass all over his backside. She then makes the lobster give her boot a blow job, taking her heel and shoving it far down this throat! She is getting turned on by the second. She removes her bra and thong and squats on top of the lobster and pee’s all over him. After seeing the lobster basking in his piss, Jada can’t take it no more. She crushes him and then sits down, pulls out her vibrator and gets herself to climax. I don’t know what it is about her, but she is one Dirty Little Girl…


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