Diya’s Trip To The Doctor

Alexandria’s STAR “Diya” goes to see the doctor (Alexandria) and explains how she is in a lot of pain in her stomach because she can’t stop eating live prey… So Alexandria inspects her belly and tells her maybe she just needs to digest what she has consumed. Alexandria leaves to go get her stethoscope when Diya notices some live fish. She cannot help herself and picks them up and swallows them right from the bowl. Alexandria comes back in and inspects her belly. Alexandria listens to her belly and hears things moving around in there. Diya tells her that she swallowed her fish. Alexandria feels her belly again and then starts to kiss her bloated belly. Alexandria tells Diya that she has more fish in the other room and if she’d like to swallow them as well. Alexandria goes and gets Diya the additional fish so she can watch as Diya does what she loves to do!



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