Don’t Die

Welcome to Michelle Peters torture chamber. This clip is not for the “weak” at heart! The clip is all about Michelle’s sadistic side and torturing her victim! So, if torture is not for you – I would recommend not purchasing this clip! Michelle grabs her very large catfish and places him on a table, she then starts grabbing her torture methods (hot wax, needles, caning, toothpics) and enjoys watching her victim suffer. Once she has her catfish victim right where she wants him, she pulls her pants down and starts teasing him with her bare ass, letting him know, this is what he is getting next! She then pulls her pants up and sits right on top of his body, hearing the life just breath out of him. After she gets her satisfaction of having him in between her legs and under her sweet ass, she then stands straight up and drops right on top of him continuously then doing “butt drops” on his lifeless body. But wait…. he is still alive, he makes a run for it, but Michelle has “other plans” for him, off camera!!!


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