Don’t Fuck With The Substitute Teacher

Crush Goddess “Nikki” is a real life substitute teacher and today she had a class that was just out of control!!! Unfortunately for the class, they didn’t realize Nikki’s new passion for crushing things! So she turns the entire class, the principle and some of the bitchy teachers who were jealous of her into crawdads. She brings them home and crushes each one, one by one… She paces around their bowl smacking a ruler into her hand with every step! She is furious at this class… And the principle??? Well he is not going to ruin her reputation as a respectable teacher, so he’s got to go too! Nikki yells at each student, telling them what exactly they did to end up here. Then, showing no mercy, she lifts her leg up and let’s in come crashing down on their miserable little bodies… Guess you should know, never to fuck with the substitute teacher!!!


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