Don’t Watch

Hi there… It’s me again! And this is a very special clip… You see I was able to find out about your secret fetish! You know, the one no one knows about… but I do now! I know how you try to avoid your desire. How you try to not watch girls crush goldfish because you think it’s “cruel”, but I am going to force you to watch me! And do you know how I’m going to do it? By wearing your favorite kind of shoes… TAN LEATHER SPERRY’S SIZE 10! I tell you the entire clip how turned on I am by knowing your secret fetish. I tell you when to look and when not to look. I even allow you to peak. I know when you are trying to look away, but you simply can’t help yourself can you? AND I LOVE IT!!! I step on goldfish after goldfish, 30 to be exact. I turn them all into paste! You are such a naughty boy for watching but hey, I won’t say anything…


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