Down Ryder’s Throat

Alexandria’s STAR “Ryder” is back for one last clip…. And the ONLY reason she is doing this clip is because you contacted her telling her how much you wish you were a lucky little goldfish and be swallowed alive by her and slide down her throat into her nice big belly where her stomach acids are going to destroy you! But you are not the only lucky one that gets to take this trip, a few others have volunteered to go with you! So she has transformed you into goldfish and she begins by showing you inside her giant wet mouth. She also shows you her beautiful belly. But you get nervous, you’re not sure if you really want to take this trip for now that you are a tiny goldfish, you have no more control! She looks so big to you!!! But she gets mad and she tells you “don’t you dare try to escape, for you wanted this”…. “you are the one that contacted her”… and she is ONLY doing this one last time – FOR YOU! So enjoy the ride for it’s your LAST one!


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