Eat With Me

Alexandria’s Star “Heaven” wants you to sit down and eat with her! First she is going to step on the scale just to see how much she weighs. Then she sits down and eats a nice big long hot dog! O and she can feel her little belly getting bigger and bigger and she hasn’t even eaten dessert yet! To wash down the food, she then drinks a glass of water full of live victims swimming around waiting for their maker! Her final swallow is a rough one too! Her victims tried to force themselves back out but Heaven handled that situation real quick by keeping them right where they belong! She then takes three more victims and swallows them individually but with what she calls a “cum countdown”…. But the time she gets to ONE, she would like for you to explode for her! Heaven then closes her mouth and takes her final swallow and then gets back on the scale to see how much weight her meal added!


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