Eating My Pets PT II

Once Alexandria’s Star “Makayla” found herself eating her eels and her pet betta, she realized that she must STOP! She sits and waits by the window, waiting for her pizza delivery…. But her hunger is getting the best of her. She goes into her bedroom and calls them to see where her delivery is. They tell her it is still going to be awhile. She hangs up in agony but then looks over and sees her 20 large goldfish swimming peacefully in their bowl. She knows what is going to happen next! She picks up the bowl and looks at all her lovely snacks. She takes each one and forces them into a tube. They are so big that once she tries to suck them out, they get stuck! But Makayla’s hunger won’t let her do anything else but forcefully suck each one of them out! Thankfully though, it passes the time by and her pizza arrives. She decides to put the pizza in the fridge and let all her pets digest a bit. But once again, Makayla’s hunger wakes her from her sleep and she sits down and devours her pizza! It’s just a shame though, because if the pizza delivery wouldn’t have been so backed up, all her pets would still be alive…


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