Emily’s Debut

So it’s not easy creating a “Crush Goddess”, there is actually a lot of hard work that goes into it. But the one thing that I absolutely love doing, is going up to a girl and asking her if she has ever crushed anything alive and if she enjoyed it. If she says yes, my next question is “how would you like doing it on camera”??? LOL You see, 95% of the girls that I use, have NEVER been on camera before and I love watching them transform from the very 1st day that they come over to 1 yr even 2 yrs into it! They just blossom into amazing Crush Goddesses!!! If you also enjoy watching their transformation, then you don’t want to miss Little Miss Emily!!! This is Emily’s debut clip. She is a sweet southern 25 yr old with size 7 1/2 feet. She is O so innocent, but trust me – THAT WILL CHANGE!!! LOL


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