Execution Style Jazmine

Alexandria’s STAR “Jazmine” is a prison guard for the death row inmates… And today she was ordered to execute some of the prisoners. While Jazmine was executing the order, something came over her and she decided to execute these prisoners “Jazmine” style… She turns them all into goldfish and then swallows them with no water so the only oxygen they get is her spit until they reach her stomach acids in which will destroy each one. You can actually hear the other prisoners getting executed the real way and she tells each one they should be thankful they are with her and not any of the other guards… Finally she gets to the last fish/man and she finds out that he actually was her biggest fan (Joseph). Jazmine apologizes to Joseph and tells him she can’t love a fish, the way should would love a man and unfortunately for him, he also has to be swallowed… Then Jazmine sits down and allows the men to digest in her stomach acids…


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