Filth From 2019 PT I

We all know there were people in 2019 that REALLY pissed me off! For Part I of this clip, we’re just gonna start with Mr. Gustavo & his buddy Loki… Yup. That’s right. I turned them into feisty crabs. First I left my dirty nasty Nike sneakers just sitting on top of them over night… I then make Gustavo take a nice big whiff of my smelly socks before I put my sneakers on and jump right on top of his pathetic body. As for Loki, I take him a little slower. I wanted him to feel every piece of his body breaking before I turn him over onto his back so he can look up at me while I destroy him. Then I reintroduce you to the New & Improved “Gustavo & Loki”. And I must say, I like their new look! 🙂


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