Fish Soup

Alexandria’s STAR “Jazmin” is quite the little cook and today she has decided to make FISH SOUP! She starts by boiling the water and adding her special seasoning. Then she takes her live ingredients and she tells them what is about to happen. She dangles them over the semi boiling water watching as the condensation attaches itself to their tube. She tells them its their bowl of de*th… She stirs the pot and watches the fish as their fear for their lives! She says she can hear them screaming to let them go but she just can’t for her belly is calling for them. The water finally starts to boil and she slowly starts to pour them into the boiling water. But she stops! She looks at them and says “You know what? I think I want to eat your guys ALIVE instead”…. She shuts off the boiling water, tips the tube up and starts to swallow them all whole and alive!!! She swallows them all and then rubs her belly in delight! Such a good little cook isn’t she???


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