Fulfilling Needs

Crush Goddess “Ryder” went awhile for a while to try make things work with a guy that didn’t share the same fetish as her. And she finally decided it was time to get her fix. So she called me up and said “Alexandria, I need you”! I asked her what she needed and her response was “I need to crush something, I can’t take it anymore”…So I invited her over. This girl was so excited to crush these little buggers that her panties got so wet before we even got started. Ryder has such a potty mouth in this clip for all her emotions got to her… She hovers over the crawdads and allows them to get a good view before they die. She remembers the feelings that she used to get when she would come over to my house and she simple knows that she needs to continue to feed her fix and she is NOT going back to her boyfriend!


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