Fun At The Farm

Alexandria’s slave “Daniella” really messed up their last custom (name used in the clip is Tony)… She was supposed to clean Alexandria’s boots but failed to do so! So Alexandria has decided to punish her by tying her up at a farm with a little (well BIG) present underneath her for Mistress Angel-Rose! (Tony or plug in your own name) is watching over Daniella… Daniella tells him that this is all his fault for now she has a giant TARANTULA underneath her! Tony/You tells Daniella that he is sorry… But tells Daniella to look at the ground… There are two snails there that she can call “Alexandria & Angel” and that she can take her aggression out and crush them to pieces… Daniella thinks that is a great idea! The clip then cuts to Alexandria & Angel while they are smoking outside… Angel wants to know why they are at this farm. Alexandria tells her they are there to pick up her slave and that she has a surprise for her!!!! “Is it something I can crush” Angel asks…. Alexandria tells her yes and it is something she has never crushed before! The two Mistresses crush out their cigarettes and head on in to barn to collect the slave! As they walk in, they see Daniella crushing something! Alexandria is pissed for she did not tell Daniella she could move! Tony/You tells Alexandria that Daniella crushed two snails and called them Alexandria & Angel!!! AND THEY ARE PISSED!!! They make Daniella get on her knees and Angel inspects Daniella’s boots. And indeed, she crushed snails!!! Alexandria puts her dirty boots on Daniella’s back while Angel talks about just crushing Daniella’s body for being an insubordinate slave! But Alexandria has a better idea… She has Angel grab a goldfish and Alexandria demands Daniella to open her mouth and she forces her to swallow it! Angel then notices the big tarantula sitting underneath Daniella!!!! They torment Daniella with it, scaring her half to death! They then bring Daniella into a corner and make her stand there while they release the tarantula… Angel can’t wait to get her boots on top of it!!! Angel tears off a couple of its legs before she crushes the tarantula into paste!!! The two Mistresses laugh at Daniella’s expense and enjoy every minute of Daniella’s fear!


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