Giantess Dream Cum True

Are you guys ready for one incredible clip? This clip is a true masterpiece done by Alexandria’s Star “Stefania Mafra”! Stefania has her own personal giantess fetish. And she is watching a giantess clip, touching herself, her mouth, her throat, her belly when all of a sudden there is a bang in her bedroom! Stefania walks into her bedroom and there are fairy’s all over her room! She scoops them all up and jumps up on her bed, lays them on her belly for a minute to try and compose herself! They start throwing cereal into her mouth because they can see that she wants to eat them! But the cereal just doesn’t cut it! Stefania tries her hardest not to eat them but one of them touches her lips and falls into her mouth! Stefania tries to hold back but to finally get her dream to cum true is just too powerful! Stefania then notices two bowls of goldfish. She walks over to one of the bowls and drinks the entire bowl down with all the little fishies inside. Then she finds her beer bong and she takes the other bowl of goldfish and she places each fish inside the bong and swallows them down. She apologizes and tells them all that she simple can’t help herself. She grabs the rest of the fairies and swallows them one right after another until there is none left! Stefania actually had her dream cum true!


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