Golfish Napping

It’s so funny what happens when I introduce girls to swallowing goldfish. It’s like something happens internally to them. Raven, the newest star, is now stealing goldfish from businesses that she goes too. Dentist, Restaurants, DMV, from people… She explains how she’s been going into these places and literally stealing their goldfish. She explains how she actually gets caught doing it and how people actually react to it. It’s quite comical to hear her story… So Raven steals 21 goldfish and puts them all into a tube. She watches them all trying to breath with the little room that they have in there. She then starts to swallow them, and she is getting mouthfuls of them. Finally, she tips the tube up, opens her mouth, and I have no idea how many actually go down, all at the same time, but I can tell you that my mouth hit the floor watching! Raven couldn’t even believe how many she swallowed at one time. All I know, is it’s all on camera!


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