Happy Birthday To Me

Crush Goddess “Daniella” comes home expecting a big “to do” for her birthday but when she walks into the garage, there is nothing! NO CAKE, NO BALLOONS, NO PRESENTS & NO BOYFRIEND!!! But what she did find was the boyfriends bug collection!!! One container filled with snails, one filled with crawdads and one filled with earth worms!!! And this just makes Daniella flip out! She has had it with his stupid bugs, it’s almost like he likes his bugs more that her! Well, not for long… Daniella takes each bucket, dumps them on the floor and jumps right on top of his disgusting collection!!! She pulverizes his prize possessions. When she is done, she sits down and shows the bottom of her shoes while she waits for him to come home and see “his present”!!! CAMERA 1 IS FULL BODY VIEW CAMERA 2 IS ON HER SIZE 7 HEELS


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