Hard & Slow

So here is a clip that I did with Makayla when I first started out. The lighting is bad and she only crushes 2 crawdads but it’s reflected in the price. It’s a 16 minute clip for $5.00! There is no words spoken, all Makayla does is really get to know these 2 crawdads. Builds a kind of “relationship” with them. The first crawdad she is just allowing to feel safe. She plays with him a bit. Allows him to move around freely. Letting him feel safe around her heels. And once she is ready, she goes in for the kill. Slowly crushing him. Hearing every crunch as she puts more and more weight on top of him until flattened. The 2nd crawdad is a natural blue crawdad which I thought was pretty cool. But this crawdad Makayla terrorizes. Does not make him feel safe. She continuously fucks with him, putting him on the defense the entire time. Literally just pisses him off until it is time to take his life.


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