Hidden From Husband

You saw newest STAR “Naomi” swallow goldfish for the very first time with her daughter Jazmin… Naomi couldn’t believe, at her age, that she never knew about this goldfish swallowing fetish, and what a naughty little daughter she had. But to Naomi’s surprise, she actually enjoys the fetish as much as Jazmin does. So once Jazmin leaves, Naomi gets something a little more comfy on, and she swallows some fish alone… She just loves the way they feel as they slide down her throat and swim in her belly. But Naomi is very nervous that her husband is going to find out. As she swallows her new found fetish, she looks out the window to make sure she doesn’t get caught. But once all of her fish are swallowed, in walks her husband (not seen or heard in the clip) and she quickly comes up with the excuse “Honey, I put something sexy on for you”!!! GOOD “COVER UP” NAOMI!!!


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