I Want To Try

Alexandria’s STAR “Chastity” shows her girlfriend “Julie” Alexandria’s STARS website on C4S and that she has been introduced to swallowing goldfish and how she loves it! Julie cannot believe Chastity hasn’t told her about this and she wants to try it!!! Chastity tells her that if she enjoys swallowing the goldfish like she does, she will call Alexandria herself to see if she will work with her! Julie is so excited & fascinated by this fetish that they go into the living room and Chastity shows her how to swallow a goldfish. Julie wants to know how it feels and if you can feel them swimming around in your belly! Julie watches Chastity swallow a fish and she has to see for herself how it feels… Julie swallows her first fish and LOVES IT!!! The two girls swallow more fish, with no water, and Chastity knows that she has a new “star” on her hands and immediately calls Alex!


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