I'll Prove It To You

I’ve had this girl that has been wanting to crush for me but unfortunately she was not yet of age so I couldn’t use her. Well the other day, I received a phone call that “Delilah” had finally turned 18! So I invited her over and all I can say is “WOW”!!!! I have no idea where this girl came from but she is a keeper here at Alexandria’s STARS! This girl has so much hidden anger inside of her for being only 18 yrs old! I handed her the crawdads and had no idea what to expect from her since she is so young but O MY did she surprise me! She explains that she is only 4ft 11in but don’t let that fool you, for she will FUCK YOU UP just like how she is going to fuck up these crawdads!!! She uses her size 5 boots to demolish them to pieces… She tells you that she will “prove it to you” not to fuck with her! That everything in the world is insignificant to her and she will crush everything that messes with her! So check out Delilah for I’m sure you will not be disappointed!!! She’s a little spit fire!!!


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