Inner Goddess

Crush Goddess “Jada” is so sick of her school! Everyone keeps looking at her feet and she’s had it!!! Jada takes all these college losers and turns them all into disgusting worms! She doesn’t understand how she did it or why she did it, she just did it! And now she is going to put all the students inside her boots and crush them all with her feet, you know, the ones they were all staring at! While she is in the process, her mother walks in and asks what she’s doing. Jada explains the situation but can’t explain why she has done this. Jada’s mom then tells Jada that it’s a secret within their family and the only way she will EVER reach her true “inner goddess” potential is by crushing! The more she crushes, the more of a goddess she will become. Jada is a bit relieved for she thought she was some kind of monster or something. So mother and daughter take the rest of the worms and completely demolish them by jumping up and down and pulverizing their bodies, leaving nothing but worm goo in between their toes and all over their goddess feet!


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