Inside Corryn

Here is what you all have been waiting for… A JOURNEY INSIDE OUR SWEET NEWEST STARS BODY!!! But guess what? After you see this clip, you may not think she is so sweet anymore! Corryn starts off by asking you what it would be like to be inside her stomach, if she swallowed you whole. She then proceeds to swallow 6 fish. First she places the fish in her mouth and we get to see it in her mouth for a few seconds, then she closes her “trap” allowing the fish to wonder what is happening. She then takes a sip of water, tilts her head back and takes a big gulp. She then traces the fishes path down to her stomach where she says “the fish are digesting in my stomach acids”… She lays on the floor and swishes them all around, making sure they are good and digested. She also drinks a glass full of fish just to add some more fun to her stomach. After an hour passes, she sits on the floors, drinks a ton of water and regurgitates them back up to see what kind of destruction her stomach can do!


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