Jada’s Mess

Crush Goddess “Jada” is here for you Daddy… She is wearing her latex boots because she knows how much they turn you on. She also has 2 lobsters they she is going to terrorize with her boots. And it’s all for you! She starts by lunging her heels into their backs, not enough to kill them, just enough to get their attention. But she knows you want more… She knows you want to see not only her boots, but also her body – every inch of it. So she removes all of her clothes for you. Jada takes her sexy boots and removes all 4 of the lobster claws for she knows how much you enjoy watching her boots hard at word. Then she squats over the 2 lobsters and pee’s all over them. Soaking them in her piss. She hopes she is making you hard. Jada then puts her bra and panties back on, goes over to the lobsters and crushes them into a million pieces before apologizing for the big mess she has made.


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