Janelle Practices

Alexandria’s STARS know that they are always welcomed at my house. But sometimes they take advantage of that privilege!!! As most of you know, “Janelle” is one of my original STARS but she’s been gone for some time. Well today, she decides to pay me a visit letting me know she is back in town. But she finds that I am not home so she calls me and sets up a time to get together. But while she is at my house, she decides to do a little “practicing” before we meet. My fish know that they are NOT supposed to be going into her mouth so they are VERY feisty. But Janelle keeps them in line and swallows them down with water. She swallows two at a time just to get “that feeling” back quicker! After swallowing her fish, Janelle leaves me a note letting me know that she ate some of my fish for she needed “the practice”!


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