Jazmine’s Real Life Mom

Crush Goddess “Jazmin” decides that it’s time to tell her mom about her crushing fetish. She calls her mom into the room and shows her the bucket of crawdads. Her mom asks Jazmin if she is going to eat them… Jazmin tells her “NO, I’M GOING TO CRUSH THEM”!!! Naomi doesn’t really know what to say but tells her daughter that she will help her! Jazmin pulls out the first crawdad, and her mom crouches down and watches as her daughter crushes a crawdad to bits & pieces! Now it’s Naomi’s turn, and Jazmin wants that “up close” view of her mom crushing her very 1st crawdad! Then Naomi dumps out the bucket of crawdads and the “mother/daughter” team destroys each & every one of them! Both women are a size 8…


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